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Julz Smith

Julz Smith is a certified Biofield Healing Practitioner based between the healing meccas of Ubud, Bali and Encinitas, California. For more than a decade, Julz has empowered her clients to lead more balanced, harmonious, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Blessed with intuitive and healing gifts since childhood, Julz developed her God-given talents which evolved from medical intuitive, to intuiting emotional root cause conditions to discovering her life's works as a high-vibrational energy healer at the Biofield Healing Institute in California. A powerful modality that simultaneously addresses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances in the energetic bodies (biofield).  

Working in the quantum field, Julz serves as a facilitator for profound and spontaneous shifts in consciousness. Attuned to a bandwidth of higher frequencies Julz’s healing transmissions activates her clients to heal their own wounds, release hidden core blocks and connect to their higher self. Biofield Healing raises an individual's frequency and vibration in order to bring them into wholeness.

Julz is honored to unite in the awakening and evolution of higher human consciousness and to share her love, wisdom and deep compassion with an ever-widening circle of friends and clients from around the world.