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"Julz Smith’s quantum healing sessions are nothing short of miraculous. Her intervention came just at the right time, and after only four sessions, I was able to uproot and heal some major blocks. Julz cut energetic cords with family members that I’d been trying (without success) to cut for years. She also helped lay the energetic groundwork – including the financial abundance – needed for me to complete a major creative project. I am deeply grateful to Julz for her divine guidance, and the renewed Source energy she brought to my life and work.”
-Rebecca S., Author, Editor & Writer 

“About 18 months ago, my right hand started developing a tremor - but only when I was writing or using a mouse. Over that period, the tremor intensified to the point that my handwriting was barely legible; and then only with intense concentration and super slow writing.

After my first session with Julz, I noticed that my handwriting was better maybe 30-40% of the time. After the second session, it was more legible more frequently. Now, after the third session, it's back to the "normal" of 18 months ago! I had nearly given up journaling - a big self awareness practice for me - because of my difficulty writing. Now I'm back to regular journaling again.

Thank you, Julz... You have given me a wonderful gift!”
Babi W., Web Designer, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

"Thank you so much for the session yesterday Julz, it feels like you've given me one of the most beautiful gifts of my life.. Today my energy feels amazing, I feel my vibration is so high, my voice is amazing, there clearly is a link with my energy frequency and the range of my voice. I'm so interested to learn more about energy frequency and vibration and it feels like my throat is my measure i.e. by how my throat feels and my voice I get the measure of my frequency. I'm excited to continue to work with this to see where I can take my energy vibration and my voice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me discover this, you truly have a magical gift."
-Oliver G., Former Tennis Pro, Business Entrepreneur, London, UK

"My sessions with you have been truly transformational. Julz has a beautiful energy and is extremely intuitive, this combined with the magical and powerful approach of working on your energy body brings about truly amazing insights and change. I highly recommend Julz to anyone that is looking to take their life to the next level or to help give clarity and direction when you are feeling stuck." 
-Oliver G., Former Tennis Pro, Business Entrepreneur, London, UK

"I'm delighted to tell you that inexplicably what you said would happen did and I am so happy and grateful to you. Before our session, I told you that I was at a crossroads in my life and career, and felt that for whatever reason I couldn't move forward because there was an unexplained block in my life. I really felt like this imaginary block was lifted, and I began to see the world differently. The first few days after your session, I felt really elated and light.

The first week back home I ran into an old colleague who offered me a job, I received positive news from a potential partnership opportunity that I was seeking, and even got accepted as editor of a publication that I had applied to before and never heard back from previously! This all happened in the span of one week! Honestly, I'm not sure if all of this was an amazing coincidence, or whether my frequency was really reset, but it was a pretty incredible week to have had after the kind of year I've been having. So I now have a new job as an editor of an online lifestyle website! 

I am so grateful to you Julz. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me and helping me to open my eyes."
- Thalia Y. Editor, Japen

"Today's session was off the charts and very powerful, I felt to write you a testimonial about my experience. 

From the moments before my session with Julz, it had already begun. I felt the energy in the room lifting and began moving through my body and its loving power exposing and enveloping places that were in contraction, which varied from felt pressure to physical pain. The pain began to dissolve immediately as love continued its amazing journey moving from contraction to contraction, meandering through the body. My legs, head, and torso where moving, shaking, twitching involuntarily at different times as miasms were felt and released one after another. There was a point where I could feel the reptilian part of the brain being exposed and reconfigured energetically. Honestly, I felt like I was getting a deep spiritual adjustment (like chiropractic, but spiritual) where my entire body-mind matrix structure realigned and the body laid on the table differently. I felt expansive, open, moving from laughter to pure relaxation, from contraction to freedom, in the holy held presence of God. Wow! There just seems to be less identity and more love flowing. I am so grateful to have experienced what you offer dear Julz."
–Ken C., Spiritual Counselor, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 

“My session with Julz was fantastic and an unforgettable experience. It was a coincidence that I met Julz at Achemy Café yesterday and by doing so, turned out to be the highlight of my journey in Bali. I feel blessed, peaceful and more connected to what I am and what I want to be. I will definitely recommend this experience to my friends."
-Asami K., Teacher of Conscious Living, Tokyo, Japan

"I loved the experience I had at Alchemy Holistic working with you, I felt totally blissed out when I arrived back home and still do.  Pain has not returned to my body since doing my sessions with you. I still have a sensation of being much thinner/smaller than I actually am which is a very enjoyable feeling my outer skin is just trying to catch up with my slimmer inner body right now. I cannot claim to fully understand what you do but I don’t think this is important at all because the physical changes I have experienced speak for themselves. I feel extremely grateful and blessed to have met you and thank you so much for your loving care. I must say I went to Bali to do a Juice Fast with Shanti and Dr. Gabriel Cousen's and never in my wildest dreams expected to have the experience I have had. Having the Alchemy Holistic Clinic there was an absolute gift and has without a doubt changed my life in a very positive way. I feel extremely happy and carefree in all I am doing."
 -Karen A., Owner, Property Management, Australia 

“Money was the initial intention of our last bio session. Since that session, I have had a significant increase in referrals and people approaching me for treatment. It’s still far from my financial goals, but there's no denying that the universe has started channeling more money energy my way.

Just wanted to let you know about the good effects we've had :) maybe we should continue that line of intention during our next session.”
- Ben S., Acupuncturist, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

"I am a health and fitness enthusiast. I have been a practitioner of meditation and a student of metaphysics for the last 40 years. While the notion of an energetic body, or "aura "as it is commonly referred to, that surrounds and permeates our physical body is not unfamiliar to me, I still questioned the validly of these "en vogue non-touch energetic healing modalities ." 

For most of My life, I have suffered from chronic lower back pain. It is always at its worst in the morning when waking up and getting out of bed. A Typical day would begin completely bent over. With movement and the increased circulation of blood, I could progress to straightening up a bit, but I was still bent over to one side. As the morning progressed, I would be able to eventually stand straight, but not without pain , and restriction in my range of movement. To ease the discomfort of my condition, I tried countless modalities, prescription meds, physical therapy, chiropractic care, Pilates, yoga ,massage and a truck load of natural supplements. All of which, I could attribute some relief to, but nothing significant enough to abate my search.

I was recently introduced to Biofield Energy Healing. I found the theory behind it compelling enough to try and I am delighted beyond words to report the results were nothing less than miraculous. After only 4 treatments with certified practitioner, Julz Smith, I now wake up with the ability to stand erect and pain free with an expanded range of fluid movement. If you suffer from chronic back or any other debilitative pain, you owe yourself the chance to give this modality a try. Contact Julz Smith at Biofield Harmonics, you won’t be sorry. It could change your life."
-Andrew S., Life & Business Coach, Business Entrepreneur, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

"My doctors, nurses and physical therapists are all shocked at my recovery time of only one week, after having a total hip replacement surgery, after a severe injury from a fall. I was driving, went on a fishing trip and working the same week I returned home from the hospital. They are calling me a miracle! I have no doubt the five distant healing sessions you facilitated allowed for a full recovery at lightening speed. I am so blessed that Biofield healing exists and worked on me. I am proof and forever grateful to you." 
–John V., Retired, Denver, CO

~ Julz


Julz is a Lightworker, High Vibrational Energy Healer, and Multi-Dimensional Intuitive, based between the healing meccas of Ubud, Bali and La Costa, California. 

For more than a decade, Julz has empowered her clients to cultivate Spiritual Wellness by Being in Union with their Souls guidance to experience a more harmonious and fulfilling Life. 

Blessed with intuitive and healing gifts since childhood, Julz developed her God-given talents which evolved from medical intuitive, to intuiting emotional root cause conditions to discovering her life's works as a high-vibrational energy healer. A powerful modality that simultaneously addresses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances in the energetic bodies (biofield).  

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Working in the quantum field, Julz serves as a facilitator for profound and spontaneous shifts in consciousness. Attuned to a bandwidth of higher frequencies Julz’s healing transmissions activates her clients to heal their own wounds, release hidden core blocks and connect to their higher self. Biofield Harmonics Healing transmissions raises an individual's frequency and vibration in order to bring them into wholeness.

Julz is honored to unite in the awakening and evolution of higher human consciousness and to share her love, wisdom and deep compassion with an ever-widening circle of friends and clients from around the world.